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To Our Loyal and Cherished Customers:

                First, I want to say a great big ?THANK YOU!? to each and every one of you. Without you our business could not have made it to where we are now. The past ten years have been fantastic. Many of you are aware that Zoey?s has always been a family run business. We have gotten to know many of you personally, and for that reason we feel like we owe you an explanation of what is about to occur in the life of the business.

                Unfortunately, personal circumstances have caused us to have to make a very difficult decision. After much prayer and soul-searching, we have decided to bring this chapter of our lives to a close, as a new chapter is beginning.  As of today, Zoey?s Cakes and Catering is closed. The past ten years of business have been a wonderful experience for us and we hope that you have enjoyed doing business with us. Thank you all for your amazing support over the years, and especially now. You have been a source of strength for us. Thank you again!


Zoey and family 

If you are in need of cakes or baked goods, I suggest visiting Bakery Boutique. I have worked with them for a while, and they have great products and great services. You can find them at 


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